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Genesis – Organic, creative and committed gastronomy

Esens’ALL was created at the end of 2010 with the aim of introducing a contemporary cuisine through which Laurent Pichaureaux can express his mastery of flavors and compositions, as well as his committed vision.

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History - Esens’All

The restaurant’s name is inspired by the very essence of nature. The name expresses Laurent Pichaureaux’s desire to return to cuisine’s basics: cooking seasonal dishes with fresh produce in a sustainable and natural way. This approach celebrates nature while encouraging our customers to explore creative produce and flavors that bring us back to basics: “The Essential is All”.
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Gamberro rosso mariné au Sakura, Kumquat

Philosophy - “Good eating”

No a la carte menu, but a unique tasting menu that takes you on a delicate and surprising culinary journey. In addition to well-balanced, refined cuisine that stimulate all the senses, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a creatively inspired cuisine. Each month, the chef composes a series of tableaux whose daring pairings reflect a sensitivity to taste and raw ingredients. Each menu is a series of small, exceptional, flowery compositions designed to awaken your spirit and satisfy your curiosity, while arousing a culinary emotion.
Gamberro rosso mariné au Sakura, Kumquat
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The Cuisine - Committed and responsible

The Chef advocates natural cooking, favoring as much as possible local and organic produce from short food chains to limit his impact on the environment. And he asserts this identity even from the selection of the products that go into his dishes. The chef’s approach is global, to ensure that he always remains faithful to his ideas and ideals: local producers, no waste of raw materials, reduced water consumption and use of electricity from renewable energy sources. Chef Laurent is a member of Chefs4thePlanet, an international coalition dedicated to climate action and the protection of biodiversity and the environment.
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Design - Sustainable and natural

Esens’All welcomes you in the heart of the Batignolles district of Paris. The table enjoys a refined atmosphere, in tune with the times, featuring natural, noble materials such as wood, vegetation and minerals. It is a warm, intimate space, and an invitation to relaxation. The table has also been acclaimed by the guides that count – among which Gault Millau, Lebey and many others.
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Experience - Sensory and confidential

In the intimate setting of the Esens’All, Laurent Pichaureaux and his team stay true to the spirit of “good eating”. Choosing his table, means embarking on a gastronomic journey crafted with passion, promising a sensory adventure rich in emotion.
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"We must give back to the earth what it has given us” - Laurent Pichaureaux

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